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Prayer Request: Protection and deliverance Prayer Request: Protection and deliverance

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Protection and deliverance (Feb 16, 2016)

Prayer Request:
Please can you pray for my girlfriend in Indonesia. Adelina. She has an abusive father who although does not live with the family visits often causing completed fear and trepidation when he is drunk. Her mum just does not complain but he beat her, sometimes the Adelina. He enjoys causing fear in the hearts of everyone in the family. Adelina tells me she has never experienced a father and see him as a monster some times. He has made death to the family, recently. But that happens quite often. Recently he visited the house drunk putting pups in the rice cooker. The family is poor and Adelina pays for supporting her mum and younger children. She feels like in hell. She is always loving and trying to take care of the family. She gets no thanks you, but she feels  it is her christian duty to take care of the family. Her faith is severely challenged, and feel hatred for her father because he does not care about the family and only demands money, or if cant get what he wants when drunk he just causes problems and heartache. This has been happening for all her life since child, If she had the money she would move her mum and younger children else where. She just has to suffer each time he comes. She wonders does God love her and have a plan because all she knows is place of fear growing up with the father who beat her at time. Please pray that her father stops this way of being and realsise his wrong and change his ways. Please pray that she and her loved ones are protected and that they can be lifted out of this hell. I wish to marry Adelina in the future but I worry for her life at times because the father is getting more violent. He seems to just continue. He does not provide financial support at all and it is left to Adelina to pay all bills. Thank you, Lawrence F.  

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