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Parish Notices Parish Notices

  • 1) COVID-19 update
     NSW Government logo 
    27 September 2021
    NSW Government announces easing of COVID restrictions
    The NSW government has announced a target for the easing of restrictions on churches for all of Greater Sydney, including the Blue Mountains and Wollongong regions.
    Churches will be closed to the public until the Monday after NSW passes the 80 percent target of residents having had two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.
    People attending churches will need to observe a four square metre rule, with the exception of people from the same household.
    Funerals may proceed at this time, with a maximum of ten members of the congregation, following a four square metre rule.

    2) Sign the No Euthanasia Petition to prevent state-sanctioned killing in NSW

    Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP is urging all Catholics to sign an e-petition to prevent the NSW parliament passing laws that sanction the killing of vulnerable human beings. There is never a good time to introduce laws such as this, but to do so in the middle of a pandemic and amidst lockdowns adversely affecting the lives and livelihoods of millions is unconscionable. Our sick and elderly have already suffered 17 months of increasing isolation and right now that is being intensified. Meanwhile, people are losing their jobs, businesses are going under, families are under the pressures of schooling and working from home, people’s movements are severely restricted, and depression rates are up. The last thing we need to hear from our leaders in this situation is a pro-suicide message. Please sign this petition, calling on the Government to keep us focused on the present challenges and once they have been met, let us focus on medicine at its best and not its most lethal.
    Write to your local NSW MP ahead of expected parliamentary debate to stop proposed euthanasia laws in our state.
    NSW Independent MP Alex Greenwich is tabling his euthanasia bill in parliament this week. It is more critical than ever for parishioners to act now and voice their opposition to the proposed bill. The anti-euthanasia coalition, HOPE has developed an online tool that will allow you to send an email directly to your state MP and to all members of the NSW Upper House. The tool is available here. If parishioners do not wish to use an online tool, you can download a a series of sample letters here.docx, and a letter writing guide here.pdf.

    3) Humanitarian crises unfolding in Afghanistan and Lebanon
    Archbishop's Afghan Refugee Appeal
    This appeal is continuing to raise desperately needed funds and commit the Archdiocesan resources across education, health and welfare to support Afghan families and individuals fleeing their homeland in the wake of the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan. Donations can be made online here.

    4) Catholic Mission: India COVID-19 Appeal
    Catholic Mission
    The aid agency, Catholic Mission, has launched an urgent appeal to provide immediate help for vulnerable communities devastated by COVID-19 in India.  Well over 300,000 people have died from the illness in India and hospitals have been struggling to cope. Through donating to Catholic Mission, you will be playing a key role in supporting the valuable work of mission hospitals in the country. Donate online via the Catholic Mission website here. Please also see downloadable poster pdf with QR code.
    October IS World Mission Month
    Greetings Father,
    I hope and pray you are well during this most challenging time and are, as an acquaintance Sr. Grace encourages, “ Staying COVID Negative and Spirit Positive.” 
    I am writing to you as the Catholic Mission Diocesan Director for Greater Sydney. It is a great privilege and pleasure to have this missionary role to help lives flourish wherever we can.
    The Audacity of Hope in The Universal Church.
    Catholic Mission, as the Australian agency of the Pontifical Mission Societies, contributes funding and provides project support to critical church-run initiatives in Africa, Asia, Oceania and South America as well as remote dioceses within Australia. Grassroots needs are identified by local Catholics, to give people the opportunity for a full, enriched life—physically and spiritually—regardless of race, stigma, religion or gender. Our latest video campaign highlights the fact the We Are Still There for those who need us the most.
    However, as you are all too aware, the global COVID-19 Pandemic continues to impact life. As the Parish Management Team Leader at Our Lady of the Nativity in Lawson in the Blue Mountains, I do most certainly understand the constraints that the pandemic lockdowns have had on our own churches and their financial positions. Traditionally, our Greater Sydney Diocesan communities have always been generous to the Catholic Mission appeals and have embraced the universal call to be missionary disciples to those most in need. 
    For Catholic Mission, an aspect of this impact of the pandemic is that we are unable to have our traditional annual Mission parish appeals at the weekend Masses. This will naturally have a flow on effect in terms of our finances we are able to provide to our project partners, serving those in need. Parish and Diocesan appeals are held without prejudice to the annual appeal for the Missions which is an important way for the local church to show solidarity with the universal church and support the mission churches especially in those places that suffer persecution, where the church is marginalised and constrained by poverty. 
    To that end, as you would be aware, October is designated as World Mission Month and is Catholic Mission’s opportunity to engage Catholic communities in the narrative of our appeal so that they may feel motivated and encouraged to gift financially to help others. This year, the invitation is extended for parishioners to partner with the essential work of the Good Shepherd Sisters in Bangkok, Thailand, as they reach out to vulnerable mothers and their babies, and children from disadvantaged backgrounds.
    To make the 2021 Church Appeal as easy as possible, I have shared with you access to a number of resources that are easily downloadable.
    These resources are:
    Kind regards,
    Alan Wedesweiler
    Diocesan Director for the Archdiocese of Sydney, the Diocese of Broken Bay and the Diocese of Parramatta. Mentor Director for NSW & ACT

    5) Save Our Graves E-Petition. Send a strong message to NSW MPs to reverse the decision to remove faith-based groups from the management of cemeteries
    To express your concerns about the Sydney cemeteries takeover by the NSW Government of Rookwood Catholic, Liverpool Cemetery, Kemps Creek + Macarthur Memorial Parks, we urge you to sign the petition.
    Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP has asked for your support in signing an e-petition on this issue to be presented to the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly, since the government’s decision amounts to an attack on religious freedom in NSW. For more than 150 years in NSW, Catholic Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust has been trusted not only by Catholics, but by the Islamic and Jewish communities and other people of faith to bury the dead, maintain their graves respectfully and comfort grieving families. The NSW Government wants to exclude faith groups from this precious ministry and replace them with a new and costly Government bureaucracy which has no understanding of religious customs around burials, including the importance of leaving graves undisturbed by future generations. Sign the epetition here. You can also write to your local State MP to voice your concern about this proposal. Please also share the attached tile on your parish social media platforms.

    6) Support your Archdiocese of Sydney newspaper: The Catholic Weekly - available in our Church for $2 
    Why euthanasia hurts the poor, Premier's Catholic faith attacked, the beauty of a family Rosary: The Catholic Weekly Digital Edition: 17 October 2021
    Parishioners still wishing to receive a hard copy of The Catholic Weekly can take advantage of a special postal subscription offer during lockdown and receive 5 editions for $20. To order call Rita on 9390 5411 or Steve 0429 188 800. To subscribe online go to GIVE A GIFT.
    Sharing parish stories in time of pandemic
    Parishes are encouraged to share any stories of your work with those in need during the extended COVID-19 lockdown to help spread the word to the broader community at this time. Please contact: Michael Kenny

    7) Mass marking the Centenary of the Death of Servant of God Eileen O'Connor
    Click here to watch the livestreamed Mass on the St Marys Cathedral YouTube Channel
    Sunday 17 October, 10:30am, St Mary's Cathedral
    Principal Celebrant: Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP
    Due to COVID restrictions, the Mass will be livestreamed on the St Mary's Cathedral You Tube channel here. This Mass concludes this year's Centenary celebrations. Archbishop Fisher will launch the Friends of Eileen O'Connor Association, aimed at raising greater awareness of her cause for canonisation. You can join the association online here: The Mass also marks the beginning of the Synod of Bishops called by Pope Francis to be celebrated in each of the local churches. We continue to implore God’s grace and guidance upon the Catholic Church in Australia and ask the Lord to raise up more Saints in our land.

    In times of great need, Catholics find solace and comfort in prayer through the intercession of Our Lady. October is traditionally the Month of the Holy Rosary. The Sydney Centre for Evangelisation is preparing a series of online prayers from 11 – 17 October where you will be able to join with members of religious congregations and lay communities in praying the Rosary and other Marian devotions including the Angelus and the Magnificat to honour Our Lady at this time.
    Dates: Monday, 11 – Sunday 17 October
    Platform: Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Facebook page
    Schedule:  A full schedule of prayers will be posted on the Archdiocese of Sydney Lockdown events page closer to the launch date.
    For more information, email Michael Kenny.

    An online forum facilitated by Simon Yeak for Sacramental Coordinators to network, receive formation, and to share ideas and resources as they prepare others for initiation into the life of Christ and His Church.
    Date: Mondays, 18 October
    Time: 7:30PM
    Platform: Zoom – via email invitation
    Enquiries: Email Simon Yeak

    10) The Upper Zoom – St John Paul II
    Join us on the night before St John Paul II’s feast day, where we will be reflecting on the incredible life and service of JP2. We will discover how this great saint contributed to building the kingdom of God through his many acts of heroic virtue. The Upper Zoom is your reminder that you are not alone, and faith and ministry shouldn’t be done alone. Founder of World Youth Day, writer of Theology of the Body, patron of youth, come and learn about this INCREDIBLE saint! Register here.
    Date: Thursday, 21 October
    Time: 7–8:30PM
    Platform: For more information click here.
    For more information, email Sydney Catholic Youth.

    11) RCIA 

    Please see below the options available, and please register ahead of time via the following link – (RSVP by Thursday, the 21st of October):

    ‘Introduction to RCIA’ – Morning Session:

    Part 1 – The Journey of RCIA – Saturday, 23rd of October, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

    Part 2 – Formation in each Period – Saturday, 30th of October, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

    Q&A on RCIA – Saturday, 6th of November, 10:00 am - 11:00 am

    ‘Introduction to RCIA’ – Evening Session:

    Part 1 – The Journey of RCIA – Monday, 15th of November, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

    Part 2 – Formation in each Period – Monday, 22nd of November, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

    Q&A on RCIA – Monday, 29th of November, 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm

    Zoom invite details will be sent the day before the Saturday morning sessions and the morning of the Monday evening sessions.

    Calling all youth leaders and ministers! Come join us in a night of learning and understanding how to apply the kerygma, the core message of the Gospel, to your ministry!
    Date: Wednesday, 27 October
    Time: 7–8:30PM
    Platform: Via Zoom, Register here
    For more information, email Sydney Catholic Youth.

    13) FREE Relationship Refresh webinar
    Relationship Refresh webinar
    When: 7pm - 8pm, Thursday, 28 October, 2021
    Where: Online via Zoom
    Cost: FREE

    An online retreat for married couples that provides for a marriage enrichment opportunity, couple’s prayer and reflection, and quiet time with Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, closing with Benediction.
    Date: Sunday, 31 October
    Time: 8–9PM
    Platform: Livestreamed on Facebook here

    Bishop Robert Barron launches Sydney’s Reclaiming Evangelisation Series
    Live Online, Saturday 13 November 2021, 11 AM – 12:30 PM
    You are invited to attend Bishop Robert Barron’s live online address to the faithful of Sydney as he launches our renewal series, ‘Reclaiming Evangelisation: How Jesus’ Great Commission Will Renew Our Parishes’. Bishop Barron will be speaking on the topic ‘Why Make Disciples? The case for the Evangelising Mission of the Church’. The event will include Q&A and small group discussions. The Reclaiming Evangelisation series will feature a number of inspiring speakers who will lead a conversation about why and how our parishes can be renewed through seeking to live more fully the mission given to us by our Lord to call disciples, baptise them, and teach them. The series will continue in February with Dr Mary Healy, professor of Sacred Scripture at Sacred Heart Major Seminary in Detroit, and in March with Fr Jacques Philippe, author and retreat director. Limited places are available for this online Archdiocesan series.
    Registrations will open soon. To be notified when registrations open sign up to the Go Make Disciples newsletter at 

    16) Archdiocesan invite - End of Year 'Online Retreat for Sacramental Coordinators'
    Simon letter footer - 2 (2)
    An invitation is extended for sacramental coordinators and interested clergy to take part in an end-of-year ‘Online Retreat for Sacramental Coordinators’. It is hoped that the retreat will provide an opportunity for participants to hear from two experienced speakers in the sphere of evangelisation, to share with one another their own thoughts and reflections, and most importantly, to pray with another as brothers and sisters in Christ.
    The retreat will be held on Saturday, the 20th of November, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. It is essential that those that wish to attend register their intent via the following link: (please RSVP by Tuesday, the 16th of November).
    The retreat program:
    Introduction & Prayer
    Talk by Father Danny Meagher 
    ‘First Witnesses of the Faith to Children’
    Personal Reflection 
    Sharing Group reflection time
    Talk by Daniel Ang
    ‘Evangelisers in the Sacraments of Faith’
    Scriptural Rosary
    Related notices
    We will be blessed to have two excellent guest speakers joining us on the dayZoom invite details will be sent on Wednesday, the 17th, and by way of reminder the day before the retreat on Friday, the 19th of November.
    Father Danny Meagher
    Ordained in 1995, Fr Danny has ministered to several parishes in the Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney and was rector of the Good Shepherd seminary for six years before his recent appointment at All Hallows Parish, Fairfield. His talk will be based on his ministerial background and pastoral experience in engaging parents in their role as faith formators.
    Daniel Ang
    The Director of the Sydney Centre of Evangelisation and responsible for broad implementation of the Archbishop’s vision of ‘Go Make Disciples’ in the Archdiocese of Sydney. Prior to his work in the Archdiocese, Daniel helped lead teams both in the diocese of Parramatta and Broken Bay, which helped support, and in places establish, sacramental ministries where needed. His experience will no doubt provide encouragement and insight into our own efforts here.

    17) Applications for Sumner House 2022 are still OPEN!


    The Sumner House program runs for 12 months and incorporates the four pillars of Intellectual, Spiritual, Pastoral and Human formation. It will provide you with many unique and profound shared experiences with 9 other men who will journey together in discovering what the Lord wants of you. “Whether you are already on the cusp of an important vocational decision, perhaps the seminary or engagement, or just looking to begin discerning in a more intentional way, Sumner House may be a good start" - Fr. Daniele Russo (Sumner House Chaplain & Assistant Director of Vocations) If you are interested in applying, please visit the Sumner House website here.

    18) Rejoice! Receiving and Sharing the Gift of the Good News - Advent Companion Coming Soon
    Churches will soon be open, and Advent will be upon us. With gratitude in our hearts, let us gather in our parishes to prepare a welcome for the newborn Jesus at Christmas and to be channels of His peace and joy to those around us. The Parish Renewal Team has developed an Advent Companion containing Gospel readings for Sundays and Christmas Day, spiritual reflections by Archbishop Anthony Fisher OP, Professor Tracey Rowland, Sr Susanna Edmunds OP, Fr Anthony Robbie, and Elizabeth Arblaster, and other resources for mediation. Designed for individual or group prayer, either in-person or online. The resource will be available for download on the Go Make Disciples website in mid-November. Training on how to run an Advent group, online or in-person, will also be available in November. For more information, contact Helen Wagner at
    Please see flyer here.

    19) St Vincent De Paul- Support for the Disadvantaged in Lockdown 
    May be an image of text that says "Vinnies good works"
    St Vincent De Paul volunteers have recently distributed 900 snack packs, 250 self-care packs and 130 hampers through a range of services including Redfern Youth Connect, Parramatta Mission Meals Plus and local support hubs.
    Find out more and what support is available here.

    20) Online Childrens' Liturgy in Lockdown 

    St John Bosco parish Engadine has launched an online Children's Liturgy to help parents and carers share Sunday readings, prayers and reflections while churches are closed. For more information, please email Sacramental Coordinator, Kay Macadam.

    21) Support for the House of Welcome

    The House of Welcome works with people seeking asylum and refugees to provide critical casework, housing, employment, food bank and emergency living assistance. During COVID-19 the demand for financial assistance has risen. HoW has increased the Emergency Living Package program by 216% to respond to the amplified levels of distress and hardship amongst their clients. In the last few months House of Welcome has delivered emergency assistance and been able to support clients to maintain their tenancies and assisted those who have come to the centre homeless. There are a number of ways that you can help such as donating to the Emergency Relief Package or donate staple food items to the House of Welcome foodbank (see attached flyer for items needed).

    22) Hartford College – new Independent Boys School in Sydney

    Hartford College is an independent Catholic school for boys opening in 2022 in Daceyville. Commencing in Year 5, Hartford will offer personalised education through to the HSC. Hartford’s educational mission educates the whole person, combining the quest for academic excellence with the development of the student's character and faith. For more information and to lodge your expression of interest for 2022, please see Hartford College. Read a message of support for the new school from Archbishop Fisher here(pdf).

     15th Edition, 15 October 2021
    From Archbishop Anthony
    Last week, the Church celebrated the First Assembly of the Fifth Plenary Council of Australia – the first in 84 years. It was an extraordinary week, as Council Members sought to discern the voice of the Holy Spirit in all the submissions and preparatory documents of the Council, in their spiritual conversations, small group discussions and plenary interventions, in their prayers and occasional silences. A number of Plenary Council Members spoke of a real need for stronger partnerships to be forged between schools and parishes to help our students in Catholic schools enter into a deeper encounter with Jesus Christ. As St John Paul II reminded us, teachers and parents have an important responsibility to lead young people to Christ, to inspire them to follow Him through the example of their own lives. As we prepare to celebrate his feast day on 22 October, I pray we may gain inspiration from this great saint to be powerful witnesses of faith in our daily lives, whether as parents or teachers.
    God bless.
    MSC Mission Outreach
    - Catholic Jobs -
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