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St. Patrick's Catholic Church Kogarah St. Patrick's Catholic Church Kogarah

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 Our beautiful church was built in 1880 and is in good condition. Nevertheless it needs constant attention and major maintenance: Church roof replacement, walls painting, church floor replacement, and finally the bell tower, which had to be removed with St. Patrick's bell in 1986, is to be rebuilt. The total cost of these projects is very high, over one million dollars, and our regular Sunday collections are not sufficient to pay for it. We believe that there are many people of good heart who can help the church with their donations. Any donation as "gift of heart" we appreciate very much. Please, remember that St Patrick's church is listed as a national heritage and speaks of the past. It is our treasure we need to care for. It shows the strength of our faith to the future generations. So, please remember the needs of the church, especially in your last will. For any given support may God bless you.