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My heart is braking I don't what to go on My heart is braking I don't what to go on

   Discussion: My heart is braking I don't what to go on
Leeann · 6 years ago
Please GOD I Need you in my Life I invite you our Lord Jesus Christ please come in to my Life to save my MARRIAGE and to put my family back. together My name is Leeann and my husband Left me on the 19.6.13. this is the Longest time we have ever been apart since we got marred in .1996. And We have got two children A son he's 17 years old and he Lives withe my husband and A daughter she is 14 years old and she Lives withe me but now she don't what to Live in a house so I am worried that she will go and Live withe her dad I don't what to Live in a house but I don't no won't else to do I got no ware to go And I no he don't Love me anymore since he's bin gone I have asked him back about ten time but he keeps on says no and a month ago he ask me back 3 times but he bin gone 11 months but I no he was just seeing if I still wanted him so I side no I was fretted to yes I didn't what to be hart anymore he wooded evan come back to us on Christmas and iv sent him texts telling him how much I Love him but he done nothing and I stiffer withe depression and panic attacks over him coming and going for the Last 16 years we have hand a Lot of problems since we got marred but the real problem started in 1998. That's when he first Left me then we got back together averted 3 months but averted we got back together he didn't need to keep on Livening me and its not all my husband to blame over it all i no it takes to but he didn't have to keep on come and going and now I am not mentally and visually will and my daughter she miss her dad and brother and I do miss them to and i miss my son and I Love him so mach and I no I will always Love my husband but he's so spiteful to me. and I am so worried about my daughter she is so down but I don't no how to help her when I can't help my self she got no friends where we Live now I PRAY TO OUR LORD AND BLESSED MOTHER AND ALL THE ANGELS AND SAINTS THAT WE WAS BACK TOGETHER AS A FAMILY OUR hearts are Braking but he can't put the passed behind us and I do what him back he says we will put all the past behind us but he don't and everything i try to do nothing is going right please pray for us please we are rally stiffening please and we got nobody its only me and my daughter please GOD help us please I'm watching my daughter stiffening and I have tried to kill my self about ten times in the passed back in .2010. I thick I hand a breakdown in .2009. And I thick I am having a nether breakdown or it cloud be because I Love my husband so much and I what us all to be together and on the 23.6.14 I Took a overdose and I was going to try and make a fresh start where my daughters friend's are at and I wood have add some friend's as will but I clouded fined a trailer pack and I ask my husband to find same ware for us but he didn't so now we are going to try Living in a house we have never Lived in a house before I am fretted and I don't what to Live in a house I have always Lived in a trailer but now I don't no what else to do please pray for my husband to relays what he is Losing he's wife and he's baby girl I thick he's blocking everything out I don't no won't is gone so bad in him please pray he will understand won't is going on and it feel Like everything bad is coming at me all at once I only got my daughter she's only 14 I Love her so much I heat watching her stiffening I have Let my self get so week and I don't what to Live Like this I am so fed up and please help pray for us and I still Love my husband withe all my heart and my son withe all my heart I will forever but I no that my husband don't Love me and he's not in Love withe me or he wood be withe us I ask you to pray withe all your hearts that he will fall in Love withe me again and I'm not coping and my husband he is still treating me like rubbish evan tho where apart its been 12 months since he Left me I no I will never gave up wanting us to get back together and when I marred him to me it was for Life and I pray he will relies that to I give him all of me and please if you can will you please send me same advise I only got my daughter to talk to she to young to tell her everything and I don't no what to do anymore I even talk civil to him down the phone but he's not civil to me and most of the time he won't answer the phone to me and I am just in the bed all the time I don't what to get up I don't what to do anything and please pray for me to pull my self together and have the heart to go on Living and for me to get will again so I can be a good mother to my daughter and to my son and to Live proper and it wood help my daughter if I was will she wood feel better and I feel i don't what to Live anymore if it waist for my daughter I don't no what I wood do and we Live in a small trailer and most of staff is in Storage I wood Love to have all my staff withe us but he took the big trailer just to punish me and I asked him if we cloud have the big trailer he said no he's got no heart anymore and I only wanted it so me and my daughter could start Living properly and I could have all my stuff withe us and we wood have more room And he's. Never been a proper husband he's just bin come and going and I only ever wanted my husband to stop Leaving me and for us to be a proper family and I always wanted to tell him how much I Love him but I was always to fretted to tell him because I think he wood Have use it ageist me and I wood Love to be a happy family and please pray if there is evil around us for it to go away from us all and I think theirs evil in him or around him please i pray and will you pray for it to get out of him and go away and for him to Love us and what to be a family again and I do no OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST IF HE WANTED TO MAKE US A PROPER husband and wife and for us to be a proper family HE cloud but I don't no if that's won't OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST what's I no OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST can do anything I pray we was BACK TOGETHER AS A FAMILY and Please send me same advice please he what's me to stiffer but I am already stiffening and me and my daughter just need same help from my dad just to get us started again and the car needs to be done and we need a bigger trailer please ask OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST to send my husband and my son back to us I no I'm 36 years old but I haven't got my mother she passed away on the 24.6.04. She hand cancer she was my mother and my best friend she was only 45 years old I miss her so much And I just what to get will and to have a proper home and to be a good mother to my son and daughter and I wood Love to be a wife again to my husband and my daughter and son deserve a proper family for won't they been throw and please will you pray to OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST when is my punish Meet up please pray for us and I feel so depressed my heart is akin please pray for us to get back together as a family please God and I thick I no my husband do not Love me but he says that he do Love me I am so confused and I got a feeling he got a nether woman or he's seeing a nether woman or he's Looking for one OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST THAT HE Havant please will you pray that if my MARRIAGE is over god forbid I pray that its not but I no can't go on Like this anymore that OUR LORD JESUS CHRIST will help my husband to relays that we be Long together I Loved him the frost time I seen him I don't no how he feels please pray for us. I no I will never give up praying for us to get back together please will use Let me no what use thick I don't no nothing anymore do use think we will get back together or do you thick it is over please Let me no what you thick please pray for my husband to Love me again and he no's I what him back but he don't care way don't he what me anymore I what him and part of me is gone withe out him I no this is a sin to say but its how I feel I don't what to Live anymore *LEEANN*

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